African Safaris with Ikhulu

Having run the iKhulu African Safaris for years. I have come to understand how important it is for our guests to have once in a lifetime experiences with African Safaris. That is why we always make sure to help make their hunting dreams come true.

From plains game hunting to dangerous game hunting, we offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy their experience at our farm on their own terms.

When our guests require something even more adventurous than sable hunting, we make sure that we can guide them to their desired trophies to provide the hunting experience of their dreams.

For instance, for those who enjoy plains game hunting, we make certain that we help them access lands on our farms or other locations where they could get hunt trophies associated with this class of hunting.

We apply the same approach to dangerous game hunting, but with the added protection of safety measures to ensure that our guests can enjoy their hunting without any looming risks.

This is especially prevalent in particular trophies such as sable hunting. As one of the most dangerous antelopes that are known for even killing big cats during the confrontation, hunting for sables is not for the faint of heart. Keeping this in mind, we make sure that our guests are always secured by accompanied safety measures even while they chase sables out in the open.

This mix of freedom and safety measures ensures that our guests are both happy and safe at our farms, and even at other locations and ranches that they visit with us.

As such, if you are one to enjoy hunting of any kind, the iKhulu African Safari would prove to be a great stop for you. We not only care about your enjoyment but also pay ample attention to your safety. Which makes certain that you obtain your trophies without any added risk of injuries.

Ikhulu African Safaris ?

ikhulu African Safaris has been established to assist any hunter in making his/her hunt the most unique experience of his/her life!
iKhulu (which means one hundred in Xhosa) symbolizes that we give one hundred percent to all our clients.

We provides various types of hunting packages from honeymoon hunts, family hunts, business trips, collector hunts and much more.
It is your trip so we would like to customize the trip to fit your needs.

I have decided to establish iKhulu African Safaris to share true African experiences and knowledge with other people sharing the same interests. Our hunting areas have outstanding trophies to offer.

After years of no hunting, I decided to open the farm to clients as we have unique trophies on our farm, giving clients the opportunity to hunt their dream animals.

iKhulu African Safaris is based in the Eastern Cape and in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.
We have special packages for african hunting trophy games like sable hunting, plains game hunting, and dangerous game hunting. In the Eastern Cape, we usually hunt on two areas of about 2500 acre each, while in Limpopo our hunting area covers 8600 acres.

Most of the species are found in our areas, but sometimes, if needed, we will travel short distances to get you to a specific trophy on a ranch nearby. our areas vary from 1360 acres to few thousand acres, depending on the area and species you decide on. These combined areas will ensure a truly African Safari with a variety of majestic landscapes to make your hunting experience unforgettable!

Experience The Best of The Eastern Cape and Limpopo Province!

Come As Clients, Leave As Friends!