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I spent my childhood on a farm on the banks of the Limpopo River, bordering Zimbabwe and completed my school career in the small town of Musina. I grew up with stories told by my grandfather and father about hunting experiences they had on the farm where my father grew up (also in Musina area). My father hunted leopard, big kudu bulls, and most other species since a very young age. He must have shot more than 100 kudu bulls, also known as the grey ghost of Africa –an animal most hunters dream about to hunt! It was also on my grandfather’s farm where I shot my first Brown Hyena at the age of twelve.

I decided to establish this business to share my experiences and knowledge with other people sharing my interests. Being in the Wildlife Breeding and local hunting industry of South Africa, I have decided to focus only on international clients in future.

Our ranches, situated in Limpopo Province and the Eastern Cape of South Africa, offer very good quality animals , thus my decision to focus on international clients.

Apart from my own ranches, I have also managed to secure more privately owned ranches to offer the client a wider variety of species and outstanding trophies.

We strive to offer our clients the best experience in Africa as well as the best trophy. We offer both quality dangerous game hunting and plains game hunting. A true hunter’s biggest dream will always be to hunt in Africa, and we are here not only to make your dream come true but to ensure that you have the trip of a lifetime!

You can fully rely on our experienced professional hunters who will be with you every step of your journey.

Apart from hunting, we also offer our clients the opportunity to visit tourist attractions.

Bring your family and friends along; we have a range of non-hunting activities available.  We would like to make this an incredible trip for you, your family, and spouse or who-ever wants to join you on this journey.

  • It is your trip so we would like to tailor-make any safari to fit your needs and budget!

  • You do not need any experience to hunt with us.

We will be honoured to host you, even if it is your first hunting trip. At iKhulu African Safaris we are proud of our Christian values and we also believe in ethical hunting, giving the animals a fair chance. We like to build a special relationship with clients, and on their departure we would like to greet them as friends, instead of clients! And, of course, welcome them back for a second and third time!

Choose right, choose iKhulu African Safaris!

Choose right, choose iKhulu African Safaris!

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