Hunting areas

Eastern Cape Hunting and Limpopo Hunting Areas

Whether you chose your adrenaline rush to come in the form of Eastern Cape hunting, or if you decide that hunting in Limpopo is a better option for the kinds of trophies you are looking for. We will make sure that the experience remains unforgettable.

Since our farm and hunting areas are so close to these popular airports, this provides you with the advantage of getting some well-deserved rest to kick the jet lag while still saving time for your hunt.

We have concessions in two very popular hunting provinces in South Africa:

  1. The Malaria- free Eastern Cape
  2. The Limpopo Province.

We offer both plains and dangerous game hunts. In order to uphold sustainable and ethical hunting, giving the animal a fair chance, we use the walk- and -stalk hunting method which proves to be very successful. We drive through the area and once a suitable animal has been identified, the hunter with his guide will follow the animal by foot. Some of the most experienced professional hunters and trackers will be available to assist you.

Eastern Cape Hunting

Hunting Eastern Cape would mean that you are enjoying a tremendous hunt within a backdrop of one of the most scenic locations in the region. Both of our 2,500 acre areas make sure that you are able to get the most out of your experience.

The Eastern Cape is home to numerous species of wildlife and will offer you a variety of huntable species to choose from.

One of the reasons why the Eastern Cape is a very popular hunting destination is that the area is safe and malaria free.

What makes the Eastern Cape hunting even more popular is the vast amount of activities and attractions available close by, both for observers and the adrenalin junkies. A combination of the coastline and thick bushes, mountains and hills and flats makes this the ideal spot to add a day or two to your hunting trip to explore our beautiful area.

The Eastern Cape concessions consist of a few hunting areas, only a few miles apart. We thought it best to combine the different areas to offer the client the opportunity to experience all the Eastern Cape has to offer, as well as an increased number of animal quantity and quality to ensure magnificent trophies.

In the Eastern Cape we usually hunt on two areas of about 2500 acre each.

Most of the species are found in our areas, but sometimes, if needed, we will travel short distances to get you to a specific trophy on a ranch nearby.

These combined areas will ensure a truly African Safari with a variety of majestic landscapes to make your hunting experience unforgettable!

The hunting area is located only 90 miles from Port Elizabeth Airport. From O.R. Tambo International Airport, your flight duration should be about 1hour 40 minutes.
A drive of about one and a half hour through picturesque Eastern Cape then brings you to the luxurious hunting camp where you will be welcomed with drinks and snacks.

Hunting in Limpopo Province

Whereas, hunting in Limpopo would come with its own promise of rich backdrops that could not be experienced in any other area. As the most popular hunting area in South Africa, Limpopo would offer you a wide variety of trophies to enjoy over your hunt.

Up north in the Limpopo Province of South Africa between the Mopani, Marula and huge Baobab trees you will find our second hunting area where massive trophies roam freely on 8 600 acres of hunting area.

The Limpopo Valley proves to be the most popular hunting destination in South Africa amongst overseas hunters as well as locals. With some of the most unique landscapes this will be the most exciting hunt of your life while you experience the true Bush veldt.

The beautiful lodge oversees the Sand River ensuring that you experience a true African sunset while being kept company by kudu or warthogs. Your hunt will be kept exciting by the Hyena, Leopard, and Buffalo roaming the area. What makes this even more exciting is that hunting is done by foot and you might just bump into a scene where a kill was made moments before by a leopard! The fresh buffalo tracks will surely make your heart beat faster. Some of the popular choices in this area are to hunt Brown hyena, Honeybadger and Bush pig during a night hunt.

We are located only a few hours drive away from Johannesburg International Airport (O.R Tambo). You will be traveling via the national N1 road to Polokwane and Musina – one of the country’s finest scenic highways and in very good condition.
On request, clients can be met at the OR Tambo International Airport upon arrival and returned upon completion of the safari.

Another option will be to fly to Polokwane Airport which is a two-hour drive from the hunting area.

No matter which location you end up choosing, our experts in chasing, hunting, and secure exploration will make sure that you are not left alone. Since adventure would await, we make sure to keep you protected through your hunt at all costs.

Once you are at your chosen destination and close to your desired trophies, you will be chasing your game by foot to maintain a sustainable and ethical approach to hunting.

Get your fair share of nutrition before you embark on your adventure. Our luxury camp allows you to rest and rejuvenate before your trip for hunting Eastern Cape and Limpopo areas.

If you want to take a break during your Eastern Cape hunting or Limpopo adventure. Then let us know, our accompanying experts will safely escort you back to camp.

If you want further information on how the experience in our hunting areas can be tailored to your needs. Don’t hesitate, reach out to us today. We will be glad to assess your needs to provide you with excellent hunting experience.