Once in a blue moon an opportunity comes along that really gets your pulse pounding. From the newest groundbreaking tech releases to promising financial ventures and oh-so much in-between, but few things can really get your blood flowing like the opening of hunting south africa season. Whether it’s dove or deer, bore or bear, hunting is one of your all-time

favorite pastimes and of course one of your ultimate goals in life is to go hunting south africa on the Eastern Cap. And now, thanks to iKhulu, those dreams of hunting in Limpopo for dangerous game or scouring the Eastern Cape for plains game is more in reach than ever before.

Hunting the Eastern Cape With Style

While we provide one of the most inclusive experiences for hunting South Africa, we also ensure your safety and help uphold sustainable and ethical hunting. In order to ensure that your target game has a fair chance, we utilize a walk-and-stalk method that has proved to be very successful while ensuring sustainability. Your safety is of utmost importance and while Eastern Cape hunting provides a variety of hunt-able species to choose from, the area is free from malaria and our staff is dedicated to ensuring that you have the experience of a lifetime. We’ll pick up at the Port Elizabeth Airport and you’ll enjoy the use of a 4x4 vehicle while hunting in Limpopo or the Eastern Cape. When you bag that trophy we’ll have it skinned, field prepped, and delivered to a taxidermist while you relax at a local spa or on a river cruise.

Hunting in Limpopo

With iKhulu, your hunting South Africa can include more than plains game or big game hunting as there are activities that are perfect to round out your experience hunting in South Africa. Your days in the beautiful region of Limpopo will be unforgettable whether you choose to be pampered at the Klein Bolayi Spa or visit one of the National Parks when not chasing your favorite trophy. Of course there is plenty more to enjoy in the areas as well, such as:

  • Bush walks
  • Beer tasting
  • Lion farms
  • Crocodile farms
  • Mall of the North Shopping Centre
  • Game drives
  • Photographic safaris
  • Fishing
  • The Forever resort, Tshipise
  • The mighty Limpopo River
  • And more

Time For a Safari Adventure

At iKhulu, whether you choose hunting in the Eastern Cape or Limpopo, you can rest assured that you’ll have an experience that’ll give you lasting memories. Even if you desire to hunt an animal not available on our lands, we’ll ensure that you have access to a nearby ranch where hunting of that animal is available. Additionally, with our luxurious lodges, you’ll rest safely while enjoying fresh food and drink in a comfortable environment. There’s no reason to delay any longer… get your blood pumping and finally go after that trophy once and for all.