You’ve dreamed about going on an south african hunting safaris trip for years, if not most of your life, and while there are a few choices these days that can finally make it become a reality, you want to sure that you get the best African hunting safari possible. It doesn’t matter whether you have aspirations for some plains game hunting or you want to hunt some more dangerous animals, iKhulu will provide the experience of a lifetime. When it comes to South African hunting safaris, we will provide a hunt that is perfectly customized to make your trip as perfect as possible.

African Hunting with Safety in Mind

Our Eastern Cape and Limpopo hunting areas comprise of well over 10,000 acres and while you can hunt both dangerous and plains game, we ensure that your safety is always first in mind. We offer a variety of hunting packages, including: collector hunts, business trips, family hunts, honeymoon hunts, and much more, but no matter what the package or desired trophy, hunting South Africa has never been safer. Our safety measures have been throughly thought out, reviewed, and
expanded as needed in order to ensure that you and your entire party have the best experience possible. Even while pursuing one of our popular dangerous big game animals out in the open such as the sable, which is one of the most dangerous breeds of antelope and is known to turn the tables on would be attackers, the staff of iKhulu will make sure that you are both safe and happy and that your African hunting experience goes beyond your expectations.

South African Hunting Safaris You Can Afford

One thing that may be holding you back from achieving your dreams of hunting in South Africa is the misconception that it’s extremely expensive. When you turn to iKhulu for your African hunting experience, you not only get that safety-conscience expedition mentioned above, you get a virtual ton of features for one low price. From airport pickup to partnering with a professional tracker, hunter, license, vehicle, accommodations, meals, drinks, and so much more in-between, we cover every aspect to ensure that your African hunting safari is top class.

When your party isn’t busy tracking that trophy, you can spend your time in one of our beautiful lodges or enjoy a variety of entertaining activities such as photographic safaris, golf, deep sea fishing, sight seeing, beer tasting, and of course, various game parks and much, much more.

Additionally, unlike many of our competitors, we guarantee that your south african hunting safaris experience maintains ethical practices and observes sustainability.

Responsible hunting is the responsibility of all!


At iKhulu, whether you choose hunting in the Eastern Cape or Limpopo, you can rest assured that you’ll have an experience that’ll give you lasting memories. Even if you desire to hunt an animal not available on our lands, we’ll ensure that you have access to a nearby ranch where hunting of that animal is available. Additionally, with our luxurious lodges, you’ll rest safely while enjoying fresh food and drink in a comfortable environment. There’s no reason to delay any longer… get your blood pumping and finally go after that trophy once and for all.